Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stockist Series: Onefineday Handmade

Eleanor Rex runs Onefineday Handmade, a sweet boutique filled to the brim with handmade treasures and paper goods in an old weatherboard cottage in Bangalow, northern New South Wales.
What will customers find at Onefineday Handmade?
Love and passion! We are all about promoting the exceptional work of Australian and New Zealand Independent creatives including illustrators, crafters and artists and our little shop is full to the brim with their work. This includes bespoke paper and cards, art prints, handmade ceramics and textiles, wonderful zines and magazines, brooches, ribbons, buttons and basically anything I can't resist! I believe it brings a certain warmth to the shop to know that each piece was dreamt up and made with love by the artist – I am never dealing with a faceless company. 

What's the best thing about coming to work each day?
The shop is part of a collective, it is within a weatherboard cottage in Bangalow and we share the space with a couple who sell retro, vintage and old wears. It is on those sunny days sitting out the front of the shop, kids and all, that I this is pretty special. Coming to our shop really is a family experience. Often Anoushka, my 4 year old will be at the desk chatting to people or Sage will be sleeping in the pouch as I pin up Prints while my husband mows the lawns out the back. It can get crazy but it can also be so much fun! 

What is the one thing you learnt from opening your shop?
The art of juggling everything! Having a shop is like having another baby, I care for it, I give it as much time and energy as I can and I miss it when I am not there!

What's the best kept secret in your local area?
I am not sure how much of a secret it is but the chocolate brownies at the cafe Satiate on the corner are about the best thing I have ever tasted! 



  1. hello EC. what a lovely looking shop!

  2. Lovely, it's the best feeling when you love your business!!