Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trash to treasure

Ben Galloway reminds me of the Wombles – 'Making good use of the things that they find, things that the everyday folk leave behind'. It's just him though – collecting old conveyor belts, lino samples and the like and turning these materials, once destined for landfill, into some pretty amazing-looking jandals, sandals and shoes. I really enjoyed talking to Ben about how Trash Footwear came about and where he's going with it. It's a pretty interesting story which you can read about on page 44 of Issue 7. Photographer Charlotte Ashton took photos for the piece – here's a selection of them including a few we couldn't fit onto the pages. 

p.s. Trash Footwear and Extra Curricular are both part of Artifice - a contemporary craft exhibition in Hamilton. Go along if you're in the area. It runs until this Saturday December 3rd at 27 Collingwood Street.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O frabjous day!

After being printed, bound and trimmed this week, issue 7 will be winging its way to a store or mailbox near you. Pre-order at Felt or Big Cartel to get yours first (or you could always subscribe). Devon Smith painted the jewel-inspired cover image, and we've interviewed several makers of jewellery this issue. There's also a special bonus since it's nearly Christmas and you'll (hopefully) have a stack of holiday reading to delve into – an illustrated bookmark.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Jewellery Apothecary

It sounds wonderful doesn't it? The Jewellery Apothecary is getting ready to dispense some precious remedies to Wellingtonians that might not fix what ails you, but will at least help with Christmas present shopping. Open just for the four weeks before Christmas, the pop-up shop in Torrens Terrace will have limited release collections from local Wellington talent; Murder of Crows, The Wild, Buster Collins and Vaune Mason. 

After Christmas The Jewellery Apothecary will live on at www.thejewelleryapothecary.com.  

The first 3 images are from The Wild; the 4th is Buster Collins; and the last from Murder of Crows.

The Jewellery Apothecary
28 Torrens Terrace
26 November - 24 December
Open 10am - 6pm weekdays
10am – 4pm weekends