Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello Sandwich in Melbourne

Harvest Workroom in Melbourne hosts an ever-changing rotation of artists and makers from all over the world to participate in their artist-in-residence program. Ebony Bizys (a.k.a Hello Sandwich) is visiting from Tokyo to be artist-in-residence from August 6 - 22.
Ebony put together the tutorial in Issue 8 and many readers will be familiar with her playful style - which mixes neons and pastels, polka dots and stripes, vintage and retro - and a good dose of Kawaii - to produce a look that is distinctively hers. She will be hosting craft workshops - Hello Paper and Hello Fabric which - unsurprisingly - have already sold out. The good news is that you can still check out her craft exhibition 
and pop-up shop. Ebony will be creating original Hello Sandwich wrapping paper and fabric using the Harvest Workroom screen printing facilities - no doubt you'll need to get in quick for those as well! 
I also wanted to apologise profusely to Ebony for the misprint in our contributor section - it lists her web address as when it should read - proving that you can never be too careful or proofread too many times (I should take some of my own advice!)

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  1. Just stopped by to say hello and how much I enjoyed reading your magazine (number 826/1000). Nice work.