Friday, July 13, 2012

40 Winks

Angela Keoghan featured in our illustration issue a while back. Since then she has been busy rolling out more great work - winning a merit award in the annual illustration competition run by 3x3 Magazine and now taking part in an exhibition in Hamilton called 40 Winks. Organised by Draw Inc, it features illustrators from Hamilton and Tauranga and runs until the 21st (Draw Inc looks like a great addition to Hamilton's creative landscape - a gallery that keeps moving around the city!) More details are on the poster below.

Angela's charming illustrations tell magical stories using beautiful textures and colours. I love the way she plays with scale. She has kindly sent a few images from the series she created for the exhibition and some pictures from the opening. I always find it fascinating to hear how an artist came up with a concept, and she says, 'My work was inspired by the Frozen Planet series and a folk tale called 'The Hunter and the Polar Bear' - a story about a hunter who is not very good at hunting until he helps heal a wounded polar bear. The 10 legged polar bear is a mythical creature from Inuit tales'.

The poster below features work by Angela and Gary Venn, who did some wonderful pencil illustrations for the show. Go and see the work in person if you're in Hamilton, or if you're not, you can still have a nose around at The Picture Garden.

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