Friday, November 30, 2012

Issue TEN

I've had my head down the last week – numbering magazines, slotting in postcards and packing orders, enjoying that fresh-from-the-printer magazine smell! I've finally taken some photos so you can see a little bit of what's inside... can't believe we're up to issue ten! It's thanks to the writers, photographers, illustrators, proofreaders, retailers, subscribers and readers that we have come this far. Champions all of you!

In the self-sufficiency issue you'll find a holiday postcard illustrated by Angela Keoghan, a bunch of great giveaways, interviews about honeybees and homebrew, slow fashion, soap-making and growing your own food, recipes for sourdough, herbal remedies and iceblocks – and you can create a self-sufficient little world with our terrarium tutorial (so much fun!) Buy your copy here or here, or check out one of the retailers on the right there. And don't forget when you're Christmas shopping that we also offer subscriptions.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stockist Series: Madame Fancy Pants

Claire Terry is the lady you'll find running this fancy-pants store full of lovely things. In amongst them you'll find Extra Curricular, teensy porcelain animals, Kester Black nail polish in delicious colours, and that awesome cuckoo clock. Claire kindly took some time out from minding her pretty shop to answer our nosey questions. 

What will customers discover at Madame Fancy Pants?

When you come in to Madame Fancy Pants your nose is greeted by a waft of lovely aromas (thanks MOR cosmetics!) an array of textures and colours to look at and touch and a smiling person to have a yarn with or help you find that special something and then wrap it all up with vigour and love (even if perhaps it's just for yourself!)

What's the best thing about coming to work each day?
Chatting to lovely folk who pop in throughout the day, designing my own range of jewellery and knowing that this is a space I can call home... away from home!

What is one thing you have learnt from opening your shop?
That being self motivated is really hard! Sometimes I have to get my helpful shop girls to give ME jobs and help me stay on task. To not be afraid to ask for help when it all gets a bit much.

What's the best-kept secret in your local area?
Hmm well I love food and there is some sweet food around Cuba Street. I LOVE the spinach, feta and caramelized scones up at the Italian cafe just two doors up. I was actually addicted to them for about 2 weeks and HAD to have one every day. Fidels do a super great thickshake perfect on a hot summery day. YUM!


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Friday, November 16, 2012

Finders Keepers Melbourne

Finders Keepers was all a bit too exciting for me, and I started off taking a few photos and then got swept up in a shopping frenzy (not so much a buying frenzy as a panic in trying to decide which 3 items would come home with me!) This is what I snapped before my friends dragged me outta there! The amazing Royal Exhibition Building, Sunday Morning Designs, Jen Booth and Abby Seymour. Look at all that colour!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

A visit to Harvest Workroom

I travelled to Melbourne recently for an awesome little bluegrass festival called Jamgrass. It happened to coincide with Finders Keepers and I managed to meet many contributors and past interviewees in person. I was also beyond excited to visit some of the places I have been eyeing up online for quite some time. One of my first stops was Harvest Storeroom, where I picked up some lovely treats which you will have the chance to win in the next issue. Lara from Harvest showed us around their huge workroom – it is so light and airy and full of an amazing creative buzz, and it's my dream to attend a workshop there one day. I went a bit nuts on the photos...

We went through to see the October artist-in-residence, Maryann Talia Pau. Weaving artist Maryann (originally from Auckland) weaves some fantastical objects using found and repurposed materials, with an obvious affinity for bold colour and texture. When we arrived she was working on a new project: Light the Night: 1 Million Stars To End ViolenceThe aim is to weave a million stars out of ribbon as a symbol of light and hope. She says, "weaving one million stars sounds huge and ambitious, but, many hands will make light work." The idea is that the participants she teaches will pass the skill on to others, and the project will culminate in a (no doubt huge) installation in Melbourne. 

Maryann is a brilliant and patient teacher, and if you get the chance to learn from her, don't miss it! (She promises a video tutorial soon, so anybody can weave some stars and send them in).

Lara in the store

Maryann teaching
Ladesha – who also put us up and drove me everywhere, thanks Desh!