Friday, April 15, 2011


Olga working on the book layout - photo by Thomas Dallas Watson

If you have the latest issue you will have seen the wee interview we did with Melbourne photographer Olga Bennett about her new book, 'Environments', featuring the spaces of creative types in and around Melbourne - one of the most inspiring cities around. Olga was also part of the photography featurette in Issue 3 and has taken photos for several of our interviews. Using natural light and film, she always manages to capture the moment perfectly - there's no doubt this will be a gorgeous, inspiring book. As well as the beautiful imagery, there are interviews by Sarah Caldwell. You can pre-order it here, but you don't have long - it'll be printed in early May according to how many orders there are.

A sneaky preview:


  1. ohhhh i have to get my hot little hands on the recent edition!
    it looks like a fab read! and super fancey workstations! x

  2. This looks like a wonderful book. Always love to see creative people in thier studios