Thursday, May 9, 2013

Contributor Series: Melissa Wastney

Plantago by Melissa Wastney for Extra Curricular

No doubt many of you will need no introduction to Melissa Wastney's work. Melissa has been keeping a blog for nearly six years now, where she writes about creative and family life in Norway, Nelson and Wellington (Melissa is originally from Nelson). Tiny Happy is popular around the world and perhaps it was because of her large US readership that she was noticed by a publisher in the States.

Melissa's first book Sweet and Simple Handmade: 25 Projects to Sew, Stitch, Knit and Upcycle for Children published by Stash Books (C&T Publishing) has just been released (and should be available in your local bookshop right about now!) Long-time fans will be excited to see that she's included patterns for her much-loved baby shoes, velveteen rabbits, and her popular bag design among the 25 projects. The book is divided into three sections- babies, preschoolers and school-aged children, and comes complete with full-size tissue paper patterns.

Melissa has contributed her particular brand of Tiny Happy goodness to the magazine several times over the past few years – most recently you will have seen her illustrations in issue 10 alongside Anissa Ljanta's article on plant medicine. 

Not one to rest on her laurels, she's also recently completed a post-grad journalism diploma. Bravo Melissa!

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  1. Hello

    I try to stop by now & then to take a peek at what you two lovely & talented ladies have both been up to, and always come away feeling happy & inspired. We met via Etsy many moons ago, bravo to you both on your latest achievements! Cheers from Canada :)

  2. Hi Donna!
    Thanks very much for stopping by and for your lovely comments - your shop is looking fantastic as ever : ) Ellie

  3. hi Ellie!

    Many thanks for your kind words too!
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