Friday, March 8, 2013

Contributor series: Jenn Hadley

Jenn Hadley is a Wellington-based photographer and graphic designer with a passion for all things photo-related, and we're lucky enough to have her working with us for the first time on issue 11.

After studying photography at Unitec, she headed south to Nelson and worked with the good folk at Craig Potton Publishing. Her OE back to her homeland, England, saw her working on travel guides at Penguin Books. 
Jenn (seriously) started her photography business at the end of 2011 upon her return to Wellington. She has a particular affinity for portraiture, fashion and weddings – if there are people involved and the chance to snap a great moment she'll be there with camera in hand!
Jenn also loves a good op-shop hunt to find more gems to add to her royal celebratory tea cup and souvenir spoon collections.

That's Jenn at the top, and check out some of her portrait & wedding work below (the last two shots are a preview of the shoot she did for issue 11) :


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