Thursday, January 24, 2013

Contributor series: Anissa Ljanta

One of Extra Curricular magazine’s regular contributors, Anissa Ljanta can often be found beavering away in her home studio perched on a hilltop overlooking the ocean on NZ’s wild West Coast. In the latest issue she writes about something close to her heart, Plant Medicine. Her feature article, The Kitchen Sink School of Medicine also includes two tutorials alongside beautiful illustrations by Melissa Wastney of tinyhappy

Anissa does it all: she designs, makes, writes, gardens, gives workshops, consults and walks the mama path, and somehow finds time to homeschool her 5 year old boy. A familiar sight selling her wares at Auckland’s Kraftbomb market, she is also famous amongst sewing circles as the co-organiser of the Sew Fun monthly sewing retreats and workshops in West Auckland.

Her blog, GrowMama, is a simple, heartfelt endeavour, as much a part of her life’s everyday landscape as mealtimes for the past three years. She is currently working on re-designing and taking it a step further. You can find her lovingly crafted creations here on Felt. Anissa is running a plant medicine workshop very soon, and places are filling fast. You’d best be in touch pronto if you live in the Auckland area and want to attend.

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