Saturday, December 22, 2012

show & tell

I know I keep going on about it, but this book is just so rad! I got all inspired to make a few things in time for Chistmas – potato-stamped wrapping paper, watercolour paper garlands & hand painted wooden blocks. It was so much fun! I used my big old roll of brown packing paper to stamp on, got the mint baker's twine for the garlands from here and used cookie cutters to draw around. The garlands and the wrapping paper were pretty straightforward; the blocks took a bit longer. Matta cut and sanded the blocks and we painted and varnished them according to Beci's instructions – these ones are for my nephew in England. (Find & Keep would make an ideal present for anyone who likes to make things, if you are still looking for ideas!)

Have a very merry Christmas everyone! (Oh and don't forget to enter our summer giveaways from Harvest Textiles, Thunderpants, LoveHate & Kester Black if you have the current issue – drawn end of January).

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