Monday, October 3, 2011

A wearable magazine?

T-post is for lovers of T-shirts, who also love magazines, and news, and mail, and innovative extra curricular projects. It was started in 2004 when Peter Lundgren and his colleagues at an ad-agency in Stockholm came up with the idea to make a news magazine that drew attention to certain topics they thought needed to be further discussed. As a subscriber, you get an awesome T-shirt in the mail each month – with a news story printed on the inside, and a graphic interpretation of it on the outside. It's interesting to see the artists's interpretation and then look at what news story it relates to. A pretty great idea – and they send 'em anywhere in the world! 

This one's about companies who are promoting 'green' products - not to join the environmental movement, but to get a slice of the green money pie. Designed by Ville Morkki

One about how thieves are using social media to find out where you live and when you're not home. Designed by David S. Blanco

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